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Poster Nasal Decolonization
Poster Impetigo
Poster MRSA

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Poster Antifungal
Evaluation of the In Vitro ADME Profile of LTX-109
Evaluation of the Preclinical Safety and Tolerability Profile of LTX-109
In-vitro Activity of LTX-109 against Vancomycin Intermediate (VISA)…
LTX-109 Demonstrates Rapid Membranolytic Activity against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus
LTX-109 is Active against CA-MRSA (USA300) and S. pyogenes in a Mouse Skin Infection Model
The Activity of LTX-109 Against a Range of Recent Gram Positive and Gram Negative Clinical Isolates
Poster Biofilm