The new generation antimicrobial peptides

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Pharma Holdings AS develops novel drugs for treatment of microbial

In a world with an increasing number of resistant and difficult-to-treat microbes, Pharma Holdings has set off to develop new drugs that are rapid acting and with a low propensity towards resistance development. Our new generation cationic peptide is the result of world-class research in the field of lytic peptides. Further, our compound LTX-109 is derived from a naturally occurring peptide which, together with the low drive towards resistance development, ensures a sustainable way of fighting off infections currently threatening the global health.


Wide, rapid action combined with unlikely resistance development

The compound LTX-109 has a proven effect against a variety of bacteria, both gram positives and gram negatives, including multi-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, and difficult-to-treat bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa in addition to biofilm. It exerts its bactericidal effect through disrupting the integrity of bacterial cell membrane, inducing lysis of the bacteria. The effect is also proven in vitro against certain types of fungi and potentially viruses. The rapid mechanism of action not only enables treating infections faster, but also reduces the likelihood of bacteria developing resistance to our drug.

"We have shown that LTX-109 is very effective at eliminating bacterial biofilms formed by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, in this case killing it at only four times the concentration needed to kill planktonic, non-biofilm bacteria. This level of efficacy is quite unheard of with most other antibiotics."

– Prof. John Sigurd Svendsen


A privately owned Norwegian biopharmaceutical company

Pharma Holdings AS is a privately owned biopharmaceutical company with offices in Oslo and Tromsø, Norway. Our goal is to become one of the market leaders in the antimicrobial space. Originating from the well-known Scandinavian biotech “hub”, Pharma Holdings represent a compelling business case: Proprietary patented technology, acknowledged scientific experts, a highly competent management team, and a constantly growing market demand for our solutions.

Sustainable antimicrobial combat

Our vision is to contribute in the constant battle against global infections in a eco-friendly way by developing new potent drugs based on the nature’s on defense mechanism.